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Air conditioner + bathroom treasure, "Winter warm and cold wash together"

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Do you remember how long it's been since you cleaned your bathroom treasure?

Give your family a clean and healthy environment

The bathroom treasure is humid and warm, and the growth of bacteria cannot be ignored

The heating function of the bathroom treasure is very useful in winter, but the bathroom treasure is located in a humid and warm environment for a long time, which is easy to breed bacteria and microorganisms. The accumulation of dirt without washing for many years will cause bad odor, so keeping the bathroom treasure clean cannot be ignored.

The air conditioner must be thoroughly cleaned before closing the furnace, otherwise it will become a nest of pests + a breeding ground for bacteria at any time

The air conditioner has accumulated a lot of dirt throughout the summer. I don’t want the dirt to accumulate for another year and become a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s best to clean it thoroughly before winter. Keep it clean and use it with peace of mind when it’s hot in spring and summer

AC Home is now launching the "Winter Cooling and Warm Cleaning" offer: customers can freely choose a total of three air conditioners or bathroom accessories according to their needs for one-time cleaning. The current discounted price is only $1,890 (original price $3,240), and the discount is as high as $1,350 immediately!

The process of cleaning the air conditioner and bathroom treasure

Benefits of Air-Conditioned Bathroom Treasures!

save time

Customers don't need to make appointments twice to clean up, and customers have more budget. In an average family, it takes about three hours to clean three air conditioners and one bathroom treasure.

instant on-site processing,

Enjoy immediately when done!

Save electricity and save money

There are discounts for cleaning air conditioners and bathroom treasures in early summer and late winter. There is no need to wait for the heat to live in the hot summer.

Cleaning the air conditioner regularly can effectively maintain the life of the air conditioner, reduce the deterioration of heat conduction caused by the dust and dirt of the machine, and then improve the energy saving effect.

clean air

Immediately improve indoor air quality.

Wash and use

When the temperature drops, the bathroom treasure is ready to use, warming the whole bathroom!

our service


Pre-cleaning inspection

AC Home technicians will first check the power supply and wiring of the air conditioner and bathroom treasure, and then decide how to disassemble and clean.


High temperature steam cleaning

Use high-temperature steam to clean the air conditioner and the internal and external parts of the bathroom treasure. There is no chemical cleaner, which will not damage the parts, and there will be no pungent chemical smell after cleaning. ​


Support the main model styles

Generally household window-type, split-type, ceiling-type air conditioners and window-type, ceiling-type bathroom treasures can be cleaned.


take precautions

Before cleaning, the space around the work will be wrapped to prevent sewage from overflowing.


Long-lasting antibacterial coating

After cleaning the air conditioner and bathroom treasure, spray the quantum dot photocatalyst airDefender coating on the shell, the anti-fouling and anti-bacterial effect is up to 365 days.

Past customer evaluation

The master is very good! In addition to washing the air conditioner, he also told a lot of ways to maintain the air conditioner and bathroom treasures, and taught me to clean up the dust... I have smallpox on my ceiling, so he washed the air conditioner and tried to help me remove the dust. ~
And because my house has a bb degree, he and I are worried about bb, and they are very careful!

Nam Ngai

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