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AC Home 專業上門清洗冷氣,包括窗式、分體式,適用工商和家用客戶

High temperature & high pressure steam cleaning air conditioner

Clean all types of air conditioners at home and in the workplace. Use steam cleaning, never use high-concentration corrosives and use neutral and mild detergents, and the process is environmentally friendly. 

If you have the following situation, please contact us immediately to clean the air conditioner

The air conditioner is not cold enough

There is a strange smell coming from the air conditioner

The air conditioner has not been cleaned for more than two years

Ice inside the air conditioner

Air conditioning leaking


Use high-temperature steam to clean the air conditioner without harmful chemical cleaning agents

Air conditioner cleaning

Wash and use

Generally, it only takes one to two hours to clean an air conditioner.

cleaning air conditioner with steam

Suitable for the elderly, children, and pet-friendly families

Do not use highly corrosive cleaning agents that may irritate the trachea and eyes.

ac home cleaning air conditioner with steam

High temperature steam

Use high temperature steam to kill bacteria and other pathogens

ac home cleaning air conditioner with steam

No damage to the machine

High temperature steam will not corrode air conditioning parts

Why do I need to clean my air conditioner every year?

Improve indoor air

Air conditioners may accumulate pollutants such as dust, mold, and bacteria during operation. Regular cleaning can effectively remove these pollutants, ensure fresh indoor air, and help protect the health of residents.

Improve air conditioning performance

If the air conditioner is blocked by accumulated dust and dirt, it will affect its normal operation. Cleaning the air filter, fan blades, cooler and other parts of the air conditioner will help ensure that the air conditioner can cool the air effectively, improve its energy efficiency and reduce energy waste.

Save energy costs

A clean air conditioner operates more efficiently, and using air conditioning can save energy costs. Not only is it good for the environment, it can also save money.

Extend equipment life

Regular cleaning helps prevent wear and damage to the air conditioner's internal parts. By keeping it clean, you can extend the life of your air conditioner and reduce repair and replacement costs.

Improve operational safety

Cleaning your air conditioner can reduce fire and other safety risks. Accumulated dust and dirt can cause the air conditioner's electronic components to overheat, increasing the risk of failure.

Cleaning the air conditioner Before vs After

Cleaning the air conditioner Before VS After
Cleaning the air conditioner Before VS After

What is included in the process

Disinfection and cleaning of fuselage components
1. Body and parts cleaning and disinfection
High temperature steam deep disinfection

Antibacterial and anti-mildew coating
3. Long-lasting antivirus protective coating

Before cleaning, we will check and make sure all the parts are functioning normally.

Remove all the movable parts, such as exterior casing, filters, louver cover etc. one by one, and clean them with non-chemical cleaning agent.

Have you noticed that there are many metal pieces in the body?​ They are so close to each other that you can't wipe them by yourself

We use German engineering-grade high-temperature steam engine and high-pressure water gun​ to deal with the innermost components of the body.

During the whole process, water will be drained to the collection bucket under the cover. The surroundings and walls will also be covered and protected by high-quality waterproof materials in advance.

Further strengthen anti-bacterial and anti-mildew

on the fuselage, air outlets and components by using


Long-lasting Antibacterial & Antivirus Sanitizing Mist (for air-conditioning)

SGS multiple test reports and

NASA study both pointed out that the product decomposition rate is 40 times higher than similar products on the market

Years of experience in all kinds of air conditioners

Window Type
Split Type
Cassette Type
Ceiling Type

Cleaning Steps by Steps

For an average household with three air conditioners, the cleaning process takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete.

Check Air Conditioners

Check Air Con functions

protective measures before cleaning air conditioners

Apply protection around the Air Con

Cleaning Air Conditioners

Dismantle and clean Air Con

Tidy up and restore the environment

Clean up

airDefender on air conditioners

Apply airDefender Coating

Cleaning and reassembling air conditioners

Re-check functions after cleaning

Prices for cleaning various types of air conditioners

Aircon Type
Price per unit (HKD)
Price for 2+ units (HKD)
Wall-mounted Split Type
Suspended Split Type
Contact us for more promotion details
Cassette Type
Contact us for more detials
  • Free on-site inspection and quotation for industrial and commercial and social welfare organizations.

  • There is an additional discount for cleaning two or more air conditioners. Contact our specialists via WhatsApp immediately.

  • Customers are advised to take photos first to show the air conditioner and surrounding environment that needs cleaning, which will help in accurate quotation.

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Full record of professional air conditioner cleaning

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