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Professional disinfection service

Provide one-time comprehensive disinfection services, suitable for household disinfection, office disinfection, school disinfection, hotel disinfection, etc.
Disinflection Proof
Champion Sani Quat Disinfection
Singapore's National Environment Agency announced that 0.05% QAC is effective against coronavirus.
Champion Sani-Quat QAC disinfectant, safe and non-irritating to materials, can contact skin and clothing, and can effectively disinfect in 1 minute.

The National Environment Agency of Singapore recommends guidelines:

Tested by the CMA verification center, the material is safe and non-irritating

Verified by HKSTC, Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center, the sterilization rate reaches 99.9%

After completing the full disinfection service, you can enjoy additional discounts to register for 365 days of antibacterial and antiviral coating service.
SANI-QUAT QAC Disinfectant and Sterilizing Liquid

Fully disinfect every corners

Doors and windows



Household sundries

Project example