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Hands Repairing Air Conditioner

On-site air conditioner repair and maintenance services

AC Home provides efficient and reliable air conditioning repair and maintenance solutions. Our technical team has rich experience and registered qualifications. We can come to customers to troubleshoot common air-conditioning faults and problems, including: air conditioners dripping, leaking, air conditioners not freezing enough, adding refrigerant, installing new air conditioners, etc. We support different types of air conditioners. Including common window type, split type and other models.

Air conditioner dripping

  • Usually there is foreign matter or dirt blocking the drain pan or drain pipe, resulting in poor drainage and water leakage 

  • There is a bend in the water pipe, causing the water to not drain smoothly 

  • Sweat appears at the air-conditioning outlet due to the exchange of hot and cold air 

  • Remove water pipes or thermal insulation glue from aging and dripping due to contact with room temperature air.

Air conditioner plus refrigerant

  • Long-term micro-leakage due to poor installation

  • ​The immediate air conditioner cannot be replaced due to decoration problems

There is a strange smell coming from the air conditioner

  • Use aromatherapy essential oils indoors for a long time

  • There are too many clutter in the room, causing a peculiar smell.

  • Damp clothes accumulated in the room

  • If the air conditioner has not been cleaned for a long time, dust accumulates and bacteria and mold breed.

The air conditioner is noisy or vibrating during operation

  • The inner cylinder fan of the air conditioner is unbalanced or has accumulated too much dust.

  • There is something wrong with the outdoor unit compressor or cooling fan.

  • ​The air conditioner motor is aging and needs to be replaced

The air conditioner is not cold enough

  • Dust accumulates on the dust filter inside the machine or on the internal cylinder fan

  • Refrigerant leaking inside air conditioner

Home air conditioning installation or replacement

  • Senior air-conditioning technicians will come to your home to check the location and provide suitable installation solutions.

  • Recommend cost-effective air conditioner models

  • ​Maintenance and support services provided three months after installation

​Common air conditioner problems

​Home air conditioner repair work flow and time

​Simple quotation inquiry

Customers can use WhatsApp or contact form to contact our service specialists

Home quote and inspection

The technician will come to inspect your home within 1-3 days and provide information such as repair quotation and time.

Carry out maintenance works

Order parts and materials and come to your home for repairs and replacements. Generally, maintenance work takes 1-3 hours

Completion and after-sales service

After the repair is completed, replacement parts will receive a 30-day warranty.

Door-to-door air conditioner repair case

Whether it is a home or a commercial office location, AC Home air-conditioning technicians can come to your home to repair and maintain your air conditioner. Common air-conditioning models: window-type, split-type, ceiling-type air conditioners, or central air-conditioning systems can all be supported.

Customer testimonials

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"The service attitude is very good"

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"Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value"

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"The staff follows up very well and handles things neatly👍👍"

Contact our technical specialists immediately

Solve the problem of water dripping, leakage or other parts failure of air conditioners

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