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Professional thermo ventilator cleaning

Like air conditioners, thermo ventilators will accumulate a lot of dirt after a long period of use. It is easy to produce peculiar smell and stains and breed bacteria. It needs to be cleaned regularly.

Features of high temperature and high pressure cleaning

  • On-site disassembly, steaming and reinstallation without waiting for many days


  • Compared with traditional chemical cleaning, the process is environmentally friendly and does not use any chemical cleaners, thus there is no chemical smell after completion. Will not cause skin and tracheal sensitivity, protect family members

  • High-temperature and high-pressure steam cleaning can completely remove the dirt accumulated inside the machine. Effectively sterilize, remove peculiar smell and stains. Recover wind power and cooling and heating efficiency, and save electricity

Cleaning Thermalvent Before / After

Cleaning the bathroom treasure front


After cleaning bathroom treasure


Steaming and washing process

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