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Post-Renovation Cleaning Service 

Not a simple task that your maid or yourself can handle

Cleaning service after renovation

After renovation, you need to thoroughly clean the house before you can move in, as it is covered with a lot of dirt in unseen area. And besides these dirt, sometimes there will also be paint, mud, adhesive marks etc. left behind that needed to be cleaned as well , and it is not simple. It takes the right tools and experience to do the job, and definitely cannot rely on your maid.

Our team of experience and professional cleaners, equipped with the necessary tools and equipment, willl help you to get the job done.

Scope of Service

Unit interior
Walls, doors, wardrobes and drawers, skirting board, furniture

Windows (interior),  grilles, frames

Range hoods, stoves, refrigerators, cabinets, table tops, sinks, faucets

Ventilation fan, mirror, bath tub/cubicle, sink, toilet

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Actual Cleaning Samples

Unit Interior




House Exterior

Before/After Comparison

Besides post renovation cleaning, we also provide formaldehyde removal service.

We use airDefender Quantum Photocatalyst Formaldehyde Removal and TVOC Odor Removal Formula. According to the SGS test report, formaldehyde removal reaches 99.0%, benzene and volatile organic compound TVOC reach 96.4%.


Moreover, there are only a few formaldehyde-removing formulas in the market that also have anti-virus and anti-bacterial functions. With reports from German and Japanese laboratories and SGS test reports that prove that ours can destroy 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

For details, please visit the formaldehyde removal webpage.

Photocatalyst formaldehyde removal price quote
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